Hopewell Area Recreation Complex Tours


The York County Solid Waste Authority offers tours of York County’s Sanitary Landfill which was closed in 1997. Since the tour’s inception in June 2015, over 1000 participants from York County school and civic groups have visited HARC to learn how this location was transformed from a landfill to a beautiful community park and wildlife habitat. On their journey, participants also learn about the environmental benefits of alternative energy, while viewing the two acre solar panel array that was installed on the property in 2014. In addition, the site’s walking trails offer a unique opportunity to view the birds, insects and plants
that occupy a grassland habitat. HARC has one of the largest contiguous grassland habitats in southcentral PA, second only to the Gettysburg National Military Park.  As a wrap-up of the walking tour, we treat HARC tour participants to our Edible Landfill Program under the shade of the HARC pavilion. A delicious finale, and almost guilt-free after the many calories we burn on our one and a quarter mile walk!  

Since we are still unable to offer tours of the York County Resource Recovery Center this year while the facility is under renovation, we will instead be offering tour scholarships again for the HARC tour. The Authority’s Tour Scholarship Program pays the cost of the bus and driver for your field trip to our facilities. In return, students must complete an activity or project based on some aspect of solid waste management. This program is open to York County students in grades 1-12. Project activities can include conducting a schoolyard litter pick-up program, making posters or bulletin boards about what was learned during the trip, conducting a waste audit, etc. The scholarships may be used for the spring or fall of 2018. There are limited funds available for this program, so please don’t delay submitting your application. Applications are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  There are a few differences to consider between the York County RRC Tours of prior years, and the current HARC Tour offering:

• Since HARC is located in the southern end of the county, a slightly longer or shorter commute may be expected, depending on the location of your school.
• The walking tour at HARC lasts approximately an hour and fifteen minutes. A 45 minute optional Edible Landfill program can be added to make the experience approximately two hours in total.
• The HARC tour is available for two classrooms, of no more than 25 children each, at one time. With chaperones, this number is comparable to our RRC tour maximum of 60 participants.
• Because the event is held outside with little or no cover, weather must be considered when scheduling and attending the HARC tour. We will only be scheduling HARC tours between March 20, 2018 and November 22, 2018. We also may have to cancel or reschedule tours 24 hours ahead of time if severe weather is forecasted. If rescheduling is not possible, we will gladly come to your school on the same date and time as the scheduled tour to conduct the Edible Landfill Program instead.
• The HARC location provides for the unique option of a picnic lunch if teachers would like to have their students pack lunches to be enjoyed at our pavilion area. Tot and youth playgrounds are also located beside the pavilion.

If you have any questions about the HARC Tour, please contact Mindy Waltemyer at m.waltemyer@ycswa.com or 717-845-1066. To apply for the Tour Scholarship Program, please complete and return the application form online in the Community Outreach and Education section of our website, www.ycswa.com. If you prefer, you may instead complete the application request form on the last page of this newsletter and return it to the Authority. Applications for the Tour Scholarship Program are due by January 12, 2018.  Hope to see you this year at HARC!