Construction and Demolition Waste

What Types of Construction and Demolition Waste Are Accepted at the York County Resource Recovery Center:

The York County Resource Recovery Center (RRC) accepts limited types of construction and demolition (C/D) waste such as wallpaper, carpet and untreated lumber in pieces no larger than 6 feet long or 6 inches in diameter at its widest point.

C/D waste not accepted at the RRC includes: asphalt and slate shingles, drywall, tar paper, bricks, macadam, gravel, insulation, glass, pressure treated lumber and any lumber mixed with other unprocessable waste.  These items may not burn at all or may not burn completely, may damage equipment or may not be compatible with the facility’s air pollution control technology.

Other Disposal Options for Construction and Demolition Waste:

Donate reusable materials to a community group such as Habitat for Humanity.  Click here to see 8 things to donate when renovating.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources, certain items can be used as clean fill as long as they are separated from other waste.  To learn more, visit DEP’s web site at:

Modern Landfill is a privately-owned, permitted landfill located in York County that manages most C/D waste. Modern Landfill can be contacted at 717-246-2686.