Alternatives to Some Household Hazardous Products

Instead of Try
Aerosols Pumps, pastes, powders
Air Fresheners Vinegar in open dish, baking soda
Ant Spray Red chili powder in their path
Chlorine Bleach Non-chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide, borax, baking soda and mild detergent
Chrome Polish Apple cider vinegar
Coffeepot Cleaner Vinegar solution
Copper cleaner Rub with lemon, rinse and dry
Dish Detergent Mild liquied soap for dishes/clothes
Disinfectant Cleaner Ammonia
Drain Cleaner Plunger followed by a handful of baking soda with one half cup of vinegar, cover drain and let sit for 15 minutes followed by 2 quarts of boiling water.
Flies A well watered bowl of basil
Floor stripper Club soda
Floor Wax One part thick boiled starch to one part soap suds, rub micture onto floor and polish with a dry cloth.
Flea Collars Pennroyal ointment, herbal collars, brewers yeast in diet
Furniture/Floor Polish One part mineral oil to one teaspoon lemon, olive or vegetable oil
Glass Cleaner Vinegar, ammonia and water
Grease Cutter Lemon juice
Herbicides Strong hoeing, hand weeding
Ink Spot Remover Cold water with a tablespoon of cream of tartar and lemon juice
Insecticides Rub soapy water on foliage of house plants. gardens- Mix tobacco and water or garlic and water; Ants- Honey and boric acid; Moth-cedar chips
Metal Cleaner Soak silver in water with baking soda, salt and a small piece of aluminum foil. Wash with soapy water.
Mold Inhibitor Borax, hydrogen peroxide
Oil Base Paints Latex base paints
Oven Cleaner Pour lots of salt on fresh spills, turn oven on low, allow to cool and scrape off. A water solution of baking soda will remove grease
Paint Thinner Use latex paints
Paint Stripper Sand in well ventilated area
Pet Odors Cider vinegar
Rat Poison Rat traps
Roach Spray One part boric acid to one part brown sugar
Rug Shampoo One half cup mild dishwashing detergent mixed with one pint of water, let cool and whip into paste with mixer. Apply with a damp sponge and wipe off suds.
Tile Cleaner Baking soda
Toilet Cleaner One-half cup non-chlorine bleach– use in same manner as toilet cleaner
Water Softener 1/4 cup of vinegar