- Household Garbage
- Construction / Demolition
- Batteries
- Glass
- Hazardous Products
- Yard Waste
- Metal/Appliances
- Food Waste

- Motor Oil / Antifreeze
  / Kerosene / Gasoline

- Paint Products
- Tires
- Trees
- Junk Mail
- Confidentials
- Septage

- Medical
- Propane Tanks
- Electronics
- Cell Phones
- Prescription

- Fluorescent Lamps,
   Ballasts & CFL’s

- Residual/Industry Waste
What to do with Electronic Equipment
Electronic equipment contains large amounts of heavy metals that have the potential to negatively impact the environment. A computer can contain mercury, copper, chromium and up to 8 pounds of lead. Recycling electronic equipment whenever possible is the best option for managing it. Reason not accepted at the Resource Recovery Center
Computer and electronic equipment contain metal and glass that will not burn, may contain elements that are not compatible with the facility's air pollution control technology, or may impact the quality of the remaining ash residue. The Resource Recovery Center accepts only combustible waste.

Disposal alternative
Bring to the Authority's ongoing electronics recycling program and recycle electronics for free. Call a local charity or volunteer center to see if they are in need of this equipment. Call local office supply store to see what they accept. Note: some office supply stores charge a fee for certain items.

York County Resource Recovery Center
Visit the PA Department of Environmental Protection's Web Site
Visit PCs For Schools Website or call 215-961-2001.
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