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   Ballasts & CFL’s

- Residual/Industry Waste
What to Do With Glass

Some Glass is Recyclable
Clear, brown and green bottles and jars can be recycled in a curbside program or at drop-off recycling facilities.

If you subscribe privately to waste collection services, call your waste hauler to see if recycling is a service offered. If you live in a municipality that has contracted for a single hauler to provide waste collection services, call your municipal office to see if recycling is offered.

For drop-off collection, check with your municipal office to see if drop-off recycling is provided in your community, or bring your recyclables to the Authority’s Public Recycle Drop-off Center located across from the Resource Recovery Center on Blackbridge Road, Manchester Township, York, PA.

Small amounts of household glass are accepted at the York County Resource Recovery Center and can be set out for regular garbage pick-up. Items such as bulk window glass and lighting fixtures should not be placed in with your garbage.

Large amounts of glass are not accepted at the Resource Recovery Center because glass does not burn and when it melts it has the potential to damage equipment.

Disposal Alternatives — Recycle it if possible (consult your telephone directory for a listing of commercial recycling facilities. These facilities may accept glass that falls outside of the categories of glass accepted in most municipal recycling programs).

Take glass to a permitted disposal facility (such as a permitted landfill).

Fluorescent lights contain small amounts of mercury that can be released into the environment if mishandled. Fluorescent bulbs are accepted at the Authority’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program, or go to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s web site to learn more.

Recyclable Drop Off Center Directions (Across From YCRRC)
List of Recyclables Accepted at Drop Off Center
York County Resource Recovery Center
Household Hazardous Waste Products (Fluorescent Bulbs)
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

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