Resource Recovery Center Site Improvements

The Site Improvement Construction Project initiated in 2015 progressed significantly in the last two years. The new administration building at the York County Resource Recovery Center (YCRRC) was completed allowing Covanta staff (operators of the YCRRC) to move back on site. The Education Center was substantially completed although occupancy will not occur until some final construction details are resolved. The new scalehouse, which includes double inbound/outbound scale system is open and allowing residents and haulers a smoother experience when weighing in and out.  The Small Load Drop-off Facility for acceptance of residential waste, dedicated loads of yard waste and electronics recycling opened to the public in September. Excavation was begun for the new waste storage pit to be built in conjunction with the tipping hall expansion. Finally, a new maintenance and warehouse building was also completed. 

Throughout the site improvement project, a webcam was set up to monitor the progression of the project.  Residents are encouraged to click on the link below to take a peek into the improvements and see what’s happening now!

Resource Recovery Center Webcam