Construction and Demolition Waste

This page gives information for residentially sourced (from homes) Construction and Demolition Waste. If you are disposing of Construction and Demolition waste from commercial sources (businesses and organizations) please call our office at 717-845-1066 regarding material quantities.

What is Construction and Demolition Waste?

Construction and Demolition Waste (C&D Waste) is a category of waste that contains a wide variety of materials used in the construction of or resulting from the demolition of buildings, homes and other structures.

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What Types of Residential C&D Waste Are Accepted at the York County Resource Recovery Center?

Many C&D materials are accepted at the YCRRC however, due to the nature of the waste processing equipment, some materials can only be accepted in limited quantities.  In addition, some materials cannot be accepted at all.  Below are links to common materials accepted, accepted in limited quantity and not accepted at the YCRRC. Click here for additional information on rates and hours for the YCRRC. 


Accepted in Limited Quantity

Not Accepted