Tour Scholarship Program


The purpose of the York County Solid Waste Authority (YCSWA) Tour Scholarship Program is to provide an opportunity for students in grades 1-12 enrolled in public, private, cyber or home school in York County to experience one of two YCSWA tours by providing the transportation funding needed for the trip.


In exchange for the sponsored field trip to the RRC or HARC, applicants must agree to complete a project related to environmental management of municipal solid waste.  Written reports, artwork, photos, video or some form of tangible results of the project must be submitted to the YCSWA within one month of the tour.  Schools/groups that do not turn in a project by the end of the school year in which the tour was taken will not be granted a tour scholarship for the following year.  Failure to submit a tour scholarship project in a subsequent year, will result in permanent ineligibility.

Tour Options

Participants in the YCSWA Tour Scholarship Program have two tour choices. The York County Resource Recovery Center (RRC) tours consist of an orientation session in the Education Center followed by a walking tour of the RRC waste-to-energy facility which processes garbage into electrical power. The Hopewell Area Recreation Complex (HARC) tours are conducted on the grounds of the (now closed) York County Sanitary Landfill which has been transformed into a community park and wildlife habitat.


The Tour Scholarship Program provides for 100 percent of the cost to obtain school bus/van (non-charter) services specifically for a tour of the RRC or HARC. If the tour group visits multiple locations the same day as the scheduled YCSWA tour, the Tour Scholarship Program will only pay the costs (mileage and/or time) for the portion of the trip that was used for the YCSWA tour. The scholarship recipient is responsible for making all arrangements with the transportation company and assumes all liability for transportation of the students. No portion of the transportation cost may be passed on to the student. The recipient must submit an invoice (estimates will not be accepted) to YCSWA, Attention: Jennifer Cristofoletti, prior to payment. The invoice may be emailed to, faxed to 717-843-1544 or mailed to 2700 Blackbridge Rd, York, PA 17406. YCSWA will issue payment within 45 days after the tour has been completed or within 45 days of the receipt of the invoice, whichever occurs later. YCSWA will either pay the transportation company directly, or reimburse your school, depending on the submitted invoice.

A maximum of 60 students at the RRC or 50 students at HARC can be accommodated per field trip, however, multiple trips may be scheduled by the same school as needed. All applications must be submitted to YCSWA by no later than December 6, 2019 and will be considered on a first received, first scheduled basis. Tour Scholarship recipients will be notified by the end of December 2019. Scholarship sponsored tours of the RRC must be completed within the 2020 calendar year and tours of HARC must be completed in the 2020 calendar year between March 30 and November 20.

Groups that are denied a tour scholarship based on failure to submit a project, may still arrange a tour of the Resource Recovery Center at their own travel expense.


Tour Scholarship Application

You can download the Tour Scholarship Application to fill out to mail or drop off at our facility. You may also fill out this online email form to submit your application.

Complete and submit this application no later than December 6, 2019

Dates you are interested in touring RRC in 2020 or HARC (March 30 through November 20, 2020):
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