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  • YCSWA does not collect your garbage. We do not own trash trucks or provide dumpsters. Instead, haulers bring the garbage they collect to the York County Resource Recovery Center owned by YCSWA . Several haulers operate throughout the county to provide waste hauling services. If you ever have questions about your garbage pick-up service, you should call your hauler. If you are unsure who your hauler is, contact your municipal office. 

  • Our mission at YCSWA is to facilitate responsible solid waste management for York County. Our goal is to make the disposal of garbage easy while keeping our environment top of mind. We strive to provide relevant long-term waste management programs and infrastructures that consider waste reduction, reuse, and recycling. We know that people want to do the right thing, so we’ve created options for responsible trash discard. YCSWA offers a place for large and small trash haulers to bring their loads, as well as residents and businesses a location to drop off recyclables, bulk trash loads, electronics, refrigerants, metals and yard waste.

    We are deliberate about educating the public about responsible solid waste management. Through community outreach and education programs, we teach others about the impact of proper trash disposal. Our Education Center has been the hub for making this happen. This is where the public can tour our Resource Recovery Center and see that trash can be re-purposed into energy.

  • No matter where you live in York County, your hauler delivers your garbage to the York County Resource Recovery Center. The Center is a waste-to-energy facility that burns your garbage in accordance with strict environmental standards. Your garbage is the fuel used to heat boilers to make steam. The steam powers a turbine and a generator to produce electricity. We no longer put your raw garbage directly into a landfill, it is now recycled into electricity!

  • The York County Resource Recovery Center is indeed cost effective and most importantly, provides York County with what we believe is the most environmentally responsible method for managing your waste. Revenue is generated through the tipping fee (cost of disposal) charged to the hauler to deliver waste to the Center, and through the sale of electricity. York County tax dollars were not used to build this facility and do not support its ongoing operations. We never lose sight of the fact that we exist to serve the public now and in the future, not to make a profit from garbage disposal.

  • YCSWA does not operate any facilities that process sludge (biosolids) or septage. In 1992, we developed (in conjunction with a community advisory committee), and adopted a plan for the management of these materials. The plan determined that current capacity needs are being met by waste water treatment facilities already operating in York County and recommended land application as the most viable option for recycling the resulting “biosolids” (treated waste water). YCSWA monitors this process by registering all haulers of sludge and septage and requiring them to maintain manifests that show the volume of the material hauled, where it originated and the disposal site. If you have an on-site septic system, make sure a licensed hauler pumps it and provides you with a manifest for your records. All registered haulers have a sticker on the driver’s side door  of their vehicle that has our name, the year and a four-digit number on it. If you have questions about sludge or septage, call us and speak to our Waste Monitoring Specialist.

  • Medical waste generated in York County is transported out of the county to other licensed medical waste management facilities. YCSWA adopted a medical waste management plan that concluded that all medical waste capacity needs are currently being met by the generators who have made their own arrangements for proper disposal. This plan was developed in cooperation with York County’s medical community and will periodically be revisited to ensure that capacity continues to be available for this waste stream. YCSWA also registers all haulers of medical waste operating in York County.

  • YCSWA encourages composting of yard waste.  We also offer a yard waste disposal at our Small Load Drop-off Area located at the York County Resource Recovery Center to help manage these materials. Click here for more information on yard waste.

  • Approximately 99 percent of York County’s population has access to curbside or drop-off recycling programs. YCSWA helps municipalities start and sustain recycling programs by writing grants to obtain funding for equipment and education efforts, working with municipal leaders to develop the right kind of program and providing ongoing support and information about recycling to municipalities and residents.

    If you don’t recycle where you live, ask your municipal officials to consider starting a program, or call us for information about the recycling center nearest to you.

  • Without question, community health and environmental preservation are a top priority. Our stake in this community transcends the management of waste–98 percent of our employees call York County home, and more than half reside less than 10 miles from our facilities.

    YCSWA does more than just adhere to the strict regulations set by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP). We seek ways to improve on them by tracking industry and regulatory developments, as well as advancements in technology. Our staff and facility operators consist of a team of highly skilled, experienced and technically diverse individuals. Our facility operators and key technical staff have undergone rigorous certification programs to make them the best at what they do.