YCSWA Offers the Following Online Programs


During this time, we are offering limited programs. We hope to offer additional programs in the future. Feel free to check back at a later date for updates.

Virtual Waste-to-Energy Program

Ages: 6 and up

Duration: 45 minutes 

Via a virtual presentation, students gain knowledge of how YCSWA manages garbage in York County. This presentation features a “tour” of the York County Resource Recovery Center (the first waste-to-energy facility in Pennsylvania to use advanced air pollution control technology). Participants will learn about the technology that not only reduces their garbage to a small volume of ash, but also recycles it into electricity. This presentation covers the following topics: Where garbage comes from; How much is generated; How recycling impacts the waste stream; Types of waste generated; Cost of disposal; The importance of environmental controls and regulations; How a waste-to-energy facility uses garbage as a fuel to generate electricity; What happens to the ash leftover from processing their garbage. 


Virtual Worm Bin

Ages: 6 and up

Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour (adaptable to grade-appropriate length)

We will provide:

1 large plastic bin

1 plastic tarp

1 air conditioner filter

1 large bag of dirt

1 lb. of red wiggler worms

30 newspaper clippings

1 gallon of water

For the program:

Simply contact our office at least two weeks prior to the day you would like to create your worm bin. We will gather the supplies for you to pick up at our Management Center. On the day you intend to create your bin, click this video link and follow the directions given. Or, you can arrange to do a Zoom meeting with one of our staff. You will be walked through the process.

This presentation begins with a discussion about what we do with our waste. The presenter speaks about how the variety of trash items we create will go into different containers. Students are then asked how and what they recycle and are introduced to the concept of recycling through composting. This discussion leads into an examination of nature’s recyclers…the red wiggler. Red wigglers are the primary worms used for vermicomposting (composting with worms). Students will learn a bit about the physical structure of this tiny biological wonder, understand the role red wigglers play in the environment and in recycling leftover food waste. A hands-on demonstration of how to prepare, maintain and harvest a worm bin concludes the lesson.


Please notify us at least two weeks in advance to schedule a program. Call 717-845-1066 or click here to schedule a virtual presentation of these lesson plans for your group.