Resource Recovery Center Site Improvements

The Site Improvement Construction Project initiated in 2015 reached key milestones in 2018.  The new Small Load Drop-off Facility (SLDO) was completed and is located within the permitted footprint of the York County Resource Recovery Center (YCRRC). The SLDO includes a bunker for public waste disposal, a yard waste transfer area for temporary management of dedicated loads of yard waste and a collection area for residential electronics recycling. A new scalehouse with its double inbound/outbound scale system was also completed expediting vehicle movement into and out of the YCRRC. The SLDO and the scalehouse opened to the public in August, 2017. In October, 2017 the Authority’s free residential electronics recycling program shifted from its temporary location on Blackbridge Road to the SLDO and featured expanded electronics recycling hours and days, making it more convenient for residents to manage their electronics. In addition, progress on the tip floor construction and waste storage pit expansion has concluded with the new North Tipping Hall. Construction of a stormwater vault system to capture impervious surface water runoff for reuse and a stormwater holding tank system for collection and reuse of three acres of roof water runoff has been completed.  The vault system can hold up to 500,000 gallons of water and the holding tank is designed to contain 18,000 gallons of water.  Finally, the Education Center was opened in April, 2018 and the new Hauler Lounge debuted in October, 2018.