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York County Sanitary Landfill Possible Reuse

As part of our mission to facilitate responsible solid waste management, the Authority is obligated to assure adequate capacity to meet all of York County’s municipal waste management needs. In our case, that capacity includes waste-to-energy processing at the York County Resource Recovery Center (YCRRC); as well as landfill space for materials that cannot be burned for energy recovery, YCRRC ash residue that cannot be recycled, and bypass waste (in the event the YCRRC is not available).

Because landfilling is still a necessary component of responsible municipal waste management systems, evaluating landfill options is inherent in the Authority’s long-term planning responsibility.  For many years, landfill capacity for the County has been secured through a contract with Modern Landfill. That contract is set to expire at the end of 2025, so we are now exploring options to address York County’s future landfill needs. One such option is reuse of the Authority’s formerly active landfill site (York County Sanitary Landfill) in Hopewell Township that is now home to the Hopewell Area Recreation Complex (HARC). 

The Authority attended the April, 2022 Hopewell Township Board of Supervisors meeting to present the possibility of future site re-use, including: additional landfill capacity, additional recreational facilities/walking trails and preserving wildlife habitat.  The links below contain information presented by the Authority and minutes from that meeting.

Hopewell Township Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes

Conceptual Maps

Letter sent to YCSL neighbors

As discussion related to landfill site reuse progresses, updates will be posted on this page. We also encourage residents with any questions to email us at