How to Dispose of Household Tires:

Tires from households are considered to be regular municipal solid waste and therefore may be placed at the curb for regular garbage pickup.  In order to be accepted at the York County Resource Recovery center, tires must be off the rim and cannot exceed a maximum outside diameter of 32 inches or a maximum tread width of 12 inches.

Some waste haulers limit the number of tires that can be placed curbside per garbage pick up.  Please contact your waste hauler directly to find out their policy on accepting tires. 

The Authority runs a Free Tire Disposal Program in the Spring of each year.  Please check back for updates for the 2018 program.

What to Do With Tires From a Business:

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection classifies tires originating from commercial establishments as residual waste in accordance with Pennsylvania’s residual waste regulations.  Please contact the Authority at 717-845-1066 for information about delivering residual waste to the York County Resource Recovery Center.