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Resources for Municipalities/Others

YCSWA strives to provide York County municipalities with the latest information and best practices for managing solid waste. Our goal is to promote responsible waste management by advising municipalities on curbside and drop-off waste collection and recycling programs.

Waste Management Resources

Learn more about solid waste and recycling contract bids, service options, the county’s management plan, and more.

Commercial and Institutional Recycling Program Guide

YCSWA Guide to Best Practices for Waste & Recycling Contract Bids & Service Options

Countywide Municipal Solid Waste Management Plan Updates

Community Event Recycling Guide

Spring 2023 Recycling Newsletter


Trash and recycling bins available for your next event from YCSWA!

Whether you are hosting a backyard barbeque or coordinating the largest event in York County, you can borrow easy to use trash and recycling receptacles from YCSWA at no cost.

It is our goal to provide options to York County residents to help keep our community clean and safe. Simply contact our office at 717-845-1066 or email for more information or to reserve trash and recycling bins.

Questions about Managing Waste in Your Municipality?
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