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Facilitating Responsible Waste Management

Our Mission

Facilitate responsible waste management for York County.

The York County Solid Waste Authority aims to make the disposal of garbage easy while keeping our environment top of mind. We know people want to do the right thing, so we strive to provide long-term waste management programs and infrastructures that consider waste reduction, reuse, and recycling. The Authority:

  • Offers a place for large and small trash haulers to bring their loads, as well as a location for residents and businesses to drop off recyclables, bulk trash loads, electronics, refrigerants, metals, and yard waste.
  • Advises municipalities on curbside and drop-off center recycling programs.
  • Operates programs for electronics recycling, household hazardous waste collection, and Christmas tree recycling to decrease the county’s waste stream.
  • Educates the public about responsible waste management through community outreach, as well as tours of our Resource Recovery Center.

Our Goals

Using appropriate assessment tools, ensure that continuing waste management needs are met.
Lead efforts to optimize environmental benefits from the management of waste.
Provide or facilitate relevant long-term waste management programs and infrastructure that consider waste reduction, reuse, recycling, waste-to-energy, and landfilling.
Actively participate in the legislative and regulatory process at the federal, state, and local levels.
Attract, retain, motivate, and continually improve the Authority in the pursuit of our mission and goals.
Promote service and responsiveness to our customers, community, and other interested parties.


The Authority’s annual operating budget is approximately $44 million. No York County tax dollars are used to fund the Authority. The Authority and its activities are self-supported from revenue generated through customer disposal fees and the sale of electricity from the York County Recovery Resource Center. Additional funding for projects is obtained through state grants.

Throughout its history, YCSWA has accomplished its objectives through the efforts of a small staff and a committed volunteer board. We employ people in four divisions: Engineering/Operations, Administrative, Recycling & Planning, and Community Services. The board is appointed by the county commissioners and devotes countless hours to forwarding the goals of the Authority.

Because YCSWA strives to serve the best interests of the citizens of York County, community representation is part of our major planning processes. The Municipal Waste Advisory Committee includes community members and is responsible for reviewing our implementation of the York County Municipal Waste Management Plan.

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The York County Board of Commissioners establishes the York County Solid Waste Authority to ensure the adequate and proper disposal of all municipal solid waste generated in the county.


The authority purchases land in Hopewell Township that becomes the site of the York County Sanitary Landfill. Operations begin in November.


Concerned about groundwater impacts at the landfill, the authority initiates remediation techniques to ensure safe operations. It also begins to pursue waste-to-energy technology as an alternate method of waste disposal.


The original waste-to-energy plan is updated to keep pace with the growing needs of the county and advances in waste management technology. Plans for a waste-to-energy facility that can accommodate York County’s waste for at least 25 years are initiated.


Construction of the York County Resource Recovery Center (YCRRC) begins at the Blackbridge Road site in Manchester Township.


Legislators pass Act 101, Pennsylvania’s Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling, and Waste Reduction Act, and the authority begins working with a Municipal Waste Advisory Committee to update the county’s 1985 waste management plan. This two-year effort results in a blueprint for the management of municipal waste through the year 2015.

October 1989

The YCRRC begins processing York County waste and generating electricity.

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