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York County Resource Recovery Center


2651 Blackbridge Road
York, PA 17406

717-854-3828 (after-hours hotline)

York’s Waste-to-Energy Facility

The York County Resource Recovery Center (YCRRC) uses combustion technology to convert municipal solid waste into ash and produce electricity. All York County combustible household waste is managed here, as well as some types of residual (manufacturing) waste.

The YCRRC operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is designed to process 1,344 tons of waste per day. It is designated as a tier II source of alternative energy because alternative fuel (garbage), not a form of fossil fuel, is used in the production of electricity.

Owned by the York County Solid Waste Authority, the YCRRC is also home to our:

Click here to take a virtual tour of the waste-to-energy process. Or, schedule an in-person tour by calling 717-845-1066. See our Tours page for more information. Click here for information concerning hours of operation and disposal fees.

Energy-from-Waste Facility Virtual Tour

How Does the Waste-to-Energy Process Work?

Waste trucks enter the YCRRC to be weighed.

The trucks discharge waste onto the tipping hall floor, where it is inspected, then pushed into a waste storage pit with a front-end loader.

An overhead crane (that can lift 8–12 tons of garbage in one “grab”) transfers the waste to three charging chutes.

Two alternating hydraulic ram feeders at the bottom of each chute push the garbage into the rotating combustion unit.

Natural gas is used to start the combustion process. Once the combustion temperature reaches at least 1800°F and combustion is underway, the gas is shut off.

The burning material moves toward the discharge end of the unit, where it drops onto a reciprocating air-cooled grate.

The burned garbage (now called bottom ash) falls into a water-filled trough for cooling.

A conveyor moves the bottom ash from the trough to a temporary holding area.

Combustion gases from the combustion unit enter the boiler, where they preheat boiler feedwater and are cooled. After exiting, the gases pass through an air pollution control system before being released into the atmosphere.

Superheated dry steam produced by the boiler passes through a turbine that drives a generator — producing 36–40 megawatts of continuous electricity!

Fast Facts

  • Using garbage (instead of fossil fuel) to generate electricity saves 375,000 barrels of fuel oil every year.
  • By converting it to ash, York County reduces its garbage volume by 90%, saving the equivalent of approximately 13 acres (35 feet deep) of landfill space per year.
  • The center uses approximately five megawatts of the electricity it produces to operate itself and YCSWA’s Management Center. The rest is sold into the PJM (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland) grid, enough to power approximately 20,000 homes.
  • The center has a continuous emissions monitoring system that is linked 24 hours a day to the Department of Environmental Protection in Harrisburg. Click here for the daily continuous emissions report (scroll down to the Superior Environmental Performance paragraph).
  • The facility is honored to be part of the Star Program through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It is one of only 4,000+ (out of a possible 5.2 million) sites in the United States to achieve Star status, meaning the facility meets and exceeds industry safety standards.

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The York County Solid Waste Authority is here to help you recycle and dispose of waste easily and responsibly. Search for the info you need by using the bar below, or contact us with your questions.


York County Solid Waste Authority
2700 Blackbridge Road
York, Pennsylvania 17406

Phone: 717-845-1066

Concerns (after hours): 717-854-3828

Fax: 717-843-1544


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