Automotive batteries contain the hazardous materials lead and sulfuric acid and should be taken to businesses that sell vehicle batteries for proper management. 

Rechargeable batteries contain toxic metals such as cadmium, lead, lithium and nickel.  In addition, if mishandled, lithium batteries can explode and/or cause fire.  Rechargeable batteries should be managed using the recycling options below or found here for Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) in York County. 

Alkaline batteries can be recycled at Batteries Plus Bulbs: Alkaline batteries do not contain the toxic metals found in rechargeable batteries and can also be disposed of in your regular garbage.  However, if an alkaline battery is damaged or leaking it should be bagged tightly before disposal to prevent chemical burns from the corrosive inner battery cell. 

Below is a list of York County businesses that accept rechargeable batteries for recycling.  Before delivering any materials to the listed businesses, always call ahead to make sure they are still accepting the material you wish to dispose of and find out if there are any associated fees.

Batteries and Cell Phones 11-2021