Corrugated cardboard (consisting of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat linerboards) that is dry and flattened is recyclable in most York County curbside bins and recycle drop-offs including the York County Solid Waste Authority’s Recycle Drop-off Center (click here for more information).

Shelf-stable cartons for liquids made of paperboard covered with a waxy outer coating are also recyclable in many York County curbside bins and recycle drop-offs. 

Currently, very few York County municipalities recycle paperboard packaging such as cereal boxes and tissue boxes in their curbside bins or recycling drop-offs.  However, there are a few York County businesses that offer recycling for paperboard via drop-off (click here for more information). 

To verify what items are recyclable in your municipality, contact them directly.  Residential materials that are not recyclable in your municipality may be disposed of in the regular garbage.