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Christmas Trees

REUSE:  Artificial Christmas trees that are in good condition can be donated or resold.  An internet search such as “donate Christmas tree York PA” will show options to donate such items, or click here to view a list of York County donation/reuse outlets.  Reusable items can also be resold at garage sales, consignment stores and on internet sale platforms.

RECYCLING:  Live Christmas trees are often collected curbside or at drop-offs in some municipalities.  To find out if either of these options are available in your area, contact your municipality.  The York County Solid Waste Authority (YCSWA) also conducts a free Christmas Tree Recycling Program for all York County residents.  YCSWA announces dates and instructions for the collection during the holiday season each year.

TRASH:  Christmas trees can be disposed in the regular trash.  Your hauler may have additional instructions for large item pickup.  Contact them directly for more information.




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