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Clothing Hangers

REUSE:  If you do not need to take home the clothing hangers when purchasing clothing, leave them at the store for reuse.  Some retailers will also accept the return of hangers after purchase.  Hangers can often also be donated or resold.  An internet search such as “donate hangers York PA” will show organizations that accept these items for donation, or click here to view a list of York County donation/reuse outlets.  Reusable items can also be resold at garage sales, consignment stores and on internet sale platforms.

RECYCLE:  Plastic clothing hangers can be recycled at York business CRDC through their recycling drop-off program.  For more information click here.  Metal hangers with paper and foam removed can be recycled at metal scrap businesses.  An internet search such as “recycle hangers York PA” will show businesses that accept these items for recycling.  Clothing hangers are NOT recyclable in curbside bins or recycle drop-offs in York County. 

TRASH:  All types of clothing hangers can be disposed in the regular trash.

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