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Confidential Documents

Businesses and residents may have security concerns about disposing of papers that contain confidential information (social security numbers, health information, banking information, etc.) in the regular trash.  The York County Solid Waste Authority offers an Assured Destruction disposal procedure for York County businesses and residents to safely and securely destroy such materials.  More information about Assured Destruction requirements and fees can be viewed here.

There are also local companies that will shred confidential documents to destroy confidential information.  An internet search such as “shred documents York PA” will show businesses that offer this service.

If businesses or residents shred their own documents, please keep in mind that this material is not curbside recyclable in most York County communities.  To find out what is recyclable in your area, please consult your municipality or recycling hauler.  Shredded paper documents contained in bags are recyclable at the Continental Paper Grading paper recycling drop-off.  For more information, click here.

Shredded documents can also be disposed of in the regular trash.

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