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Construction Waste

PLEASE NOTE: If you are disposing of Construction Waste from a York County Business or Organization, please call 717-845-1066 regarding quantity of material.


Construction Waste from York County Residents (Homes)

Construction Waste contains a wide variety of materials used in the construction of or resulting from the demolition of buildings, homes and other structures.

Disposal Options:

1. Donate: Unused construction materials and some salvaged materials can be donated. An internet search such as “donate (drywall, lumber, sink, etc.) York PA” will provide options of organizations that accept these donations. 

2. Recycle the metals: Ferrous and nonferrous metals separated from other wastes can often be recycled at metal scrap yards. An internet search such as “recycle (metal fencing, pipe, wire, etc.) York PA” will provide these options.

3 .Call your waste hauler: Many construction materials can be picked up by your waste hauler. However, your hauler may have additional requirements for bulk waste disposal, so please call them or visit their website for further information.

4. York County Resource Recovery Center on Blackbridge Road, Manchester Township: We accept certain construction materials, with some being accepted in limited quantities. If you are choosing this option, click here for our list of materials accepted, not accepted and accepted in limited quantities.  

5. Modern Landfill in Lower Windsor Township: Materials that are not accepted by your hauler or at the York County Resource Recovery Center can usually be accepted at Modern Landfill.  Modern Landfill can be contacted at 717-246-2686.

Click here for hours of operation and disposal fee information.