Paints, inks or dyes that are still usable may be able to be recycled.  An internet search such as “donate paint York PA” will show organizations that accept these materials for donation. 

Paints, inks or dyes can also be disposed of in the regular garbage or at the York County Resource Recovery Center (YCRRC). For more information on YCRRC rates and hours, click here. If disposing of these materials in the regular garbage, to prevent spillage, dry them using paint hardeners purchased at home improvement stores or mix them with an absorbent material such as shredded paper or kitty litter and secure lids firmly. When disposing of aerosol paint cans, secure can caps firmly.  Place all paint containers in a tightly closed garbage bag before disposing in the regular garbage. Your waste hauler may have additional instructions regarding this material. For more information, contact them directly.

If disposing of paint at the RRC, let the facility attendant know so they can direct you to the liquids disposal hopper.