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The Magic of Waste-To-Energy!

This presentation features a virtual tour of the York County Resource Recovery Center, the first waste-to-energy facility in Pennsylvania to use advanced air pollution control technology. Participants will learn about the technology that not only reduces the county’s garbage to a small volume of ash, but also recycles it into electricity. YCSWA provides all necessary materials. The in-person program features an interactive presentation.

Discussion Topics

  • Where does garbage come from?
  • How much trash is generated?
  • What types of waste are generated?
  • How does recycling impact the waste stream?
  • What is the importance of environmental controls and regulations?
  • How does a waste-to-energy facility use garbage as a fuel to generate electricity?
  • What happens to the ash leftover from processing garbage?

Access to an electrical outlet.

Evaluation Tool
Students will be able to describe the basics of how a waste-to-energy facility works, understand the environmental benefits of using waste-to-energy to manage garbage, and identify how we manage waste in York County (waste reduction, reuse, recycling, waste-to-energy).


  1. Schedule an in-person tour of the York County Resource Recovery Center. Call (717) 845-1066 or click here to schedule.
  2. Conduct a school (or grade-level) survey. Ask students where they think their garbage goes after it is taken away in a trash truck — a landfill, waste-to-energy plant, or recycle center. Create a bulletin board displayed at your school that posts the results and highlights the correct answer (the York County Resource Recovery Center).
  3. Create a flyer advertising what a waste-to-energy facility is featuring the benefits to the community.
Virtual Program

30–45 minutes (adaptable to grade-appropriate length)

In-Person Program

45 minutes (adaptable to grade-appropriate length)


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