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The YCSWA Plans to Submit a Permit Application to Build a Waste Transfer Station

The mission of the York County Solid Waste Authority (YCSWA) is to facilitate responsible solid waste management in York County. The YCSWA will be submitting a permit application to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) for approval to build a waste transfer station on the property of the York County Resource Recovery Center (YCRRC). Additional information regarding the project is presented below. We encourage residents to reach out with any questions to Jen Cristofoletti (Manager – Community Services) or Doug Jasitt (Manager – Engineering/Operations) or at 717.845.1066.

 What is a Transfer Station?

A transfer station is a building used to unload municipal solid waste (trash) from smaller vehicles/trucks and reload it into larger vehicles (transfer trailers) to transport the trash to a disposal site.

Why is the YCSWA building a transfer station at the YCRRC now?  

A transfer station at the YCRRC (incinerator) would allow greater flexibility to efficiently manage incoming materials and allow residents to conveniently drop off all types of waste at a centralized location. A transfer station would also benefit York County residents and businesses by enabling the YCSWA to continue accepting waste in the event waste deliveries exceed the YCRRC’s processing storage capacity due to county growth or operational interruptions.

Modern Landfill, located close to Yorkanna in York County, currently accepts York County waste that cannot be accepted at the YCRRC, including non-combustible materials and construction and demolition waste. Capacity at Modern Landfill is filling up and, in the event Modern Landfill closes, the waste streams mentioned above that are currently disposed of there could be managed at this transfer station, which eliminates residents and businesses having to travel outside of the county for disposal. In the case that Modern Landfill continues to remain open, this will still be an asset to York County residents and businesses due to the convenience and centralized location of the transfer station.

As York County grows and produces more waste, construction of the transfer station on the currently permitted area of the YCRRC will provide the community with greater flexibility to efficiently manage its waste, at a time when waste management capacity in the region is filling up and such facilities are becoming increasingly difficult to site.

What is the size of the proposed transfer station and where will it be located on the YCRRC property?

The approximate size of the proposed building will be 160 ft (length) x 140 ft (width) x 50 ft (height). For reference, the transfer station building will be well below the height of the existing building. Please see the map attached to this handout for location.

How many additional vehicles will be on site due to using the transfer station?

We estimate there will be approximately 50 to 60 additional vehicles a day. Currently, approximately 436 vehicles access the YCRRC daily.

When will construction begin and when will the transfer station be completed?

It is estimated that construction would begin the second quarter of 2025 and completion of the project approximately the fourth quarter of 2026.



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