Used tires can usually be traded in at tire businesses at the time new tires are purchased.

Tires can also be placed at the curb for regular trash pick-up or brought to the York County Resource Recovery Center (YCRRC) for disposal as long as they are off the rim, have any excess soil removed from them and do not exceed a maximum outside diameter of 32 inches and a maximum tread width of 12 inches.  Some waste haulers limit the number of tires that can be placed curbside per garbage pick up.  Contact your waste hauler directly to inquire about their tire acceptance policy. Any disposal loads consisting solely of tires that are delivered to the YCRRC are subject to a disposal fee of $100 per ton (minimum of $20 for 400 lbs. and prorated beyond 400 lbs.).

*Note: The disposal fee for loads which consist of tires only will be changed to $200 per ton beginning 9/1/21.

Tires that exceed a maximum outside diameter of 32 inches or a maximum tread width of 12 inches cannot be disposed of at the YCRRC. Several tire businesses in York County will accept tires of these sizes for disposal for a fee. Below is a list of some of the York County businesses that accept these larger tires. Contact the listed tire business directly regarding fees and any other questions:

Firestone Complete Auto Care – 180 N. Northern Way –  717-472-8332

McCarthy Tire Service – 10 Flour Mill Road – 717-767-2551

Monro Auto Service and Tire Center – 2045 S. Queen Street – 717-690-8463

Nello Tire – 1210 Haines Road – 717-755-9634

Penn Tire Exchange – 1090 Roosevelt Avenue – 717-848-6270