Vehicle Fluids

Vehicle fluids in good usable condition may be able to be donated.  An internet search such as “donate (motor oil, windshield wiper fluid, etc.) will show organizations that accept these materials for donation.

Residential vehicle fluids such as antifreeze, brake fluid, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, motor oil (and used oil filters that contain motor oil), transmission fluid and windshield washer fluid contain toxic, and in some cases, flammable chemicals.  Never dump automotive fluids down a household or storm drain or into the ground.  Click here to view options to manage Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) in York County. 

Below is also a list of York County businesses that accept vehicle fluids for recycling.  Before delivering any materials to the listed businesses, always call ahead to make sure they are still accepting the material you wish to dispose of and find out if there are any associated fees.

Empty vehicle fluid cans and containers are not recyclable in York County.  These items should be placed in the regular trash.

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