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Waste Disposal Industry Workers are Essential Workers

Imagine what York County would look like if our waste disposal industry workers were not on the job during this time. We would need to find some way to store our trash on our property or resort to alternative measures to dispose of our waste. I, for one, do not want to find out what a community without waste industry workers looks like and I am sure you do not either.

If there is one thing we have learned over the past several months, it is our community is filled with essential workers who may not get the credit they deserve on a regular basis. There are essential workers that immediately come to mind, like our health care workers, teachers and first responders. But, have you ever given thought to the people who are essential behind the scenes? Our waste disposal industry workers are an example of this type of essential worker.

Who Are Waste Disposal Industry Workers?

You probably have not pondered just how many people it takes to manage waste in York County. The truth is, it takes quite a few facilities to ensure that our garbage is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way. YCSWA operates several of these facilities along with several others in our community which are operated by other companies.

Trash haulers may be the first waste industry workers that come to mind because we see them most often. They are definitely essential workers but there are others who deserve recognition, as well. Let us not forget the men and women who work hard in the materials recovery facility managing recyclables or the individuals who operate the waste-to-energy facility and turn York County trash into electricity. The staff at our Scalehouse who greet visitors and direct them to their destination as well as the staff at our Small Load Drop-Off area who manage garbage, metals, refrigerants, yard waste and electronics that are dropped-off by residents are very important to the waste disposal industry, too. Those who manage waste at the landfill and closed landfills in the county are very necessary, as well. We also want to recognize the staff at the Ash Recycling and Processing Facility as essential to our community. These individuals strive to recycle as much as possible from the ash that is produced from combusting trash. And, we cannot forget to acknowledge all those who work behind the scenes and are involved in coordinating any of these trash disposal services.

Thank you!

The Authority would like to thank each one of these essential waste disposal industry workers for their dedication and hard work over the past several months. We realize it has not been easy but York County has remained clean and safe during this time thanks to each one of you.

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