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YCSWA: Myths Debunked

If you ask the average person on the street in York County who the York County Solid Waste Authority (YCSWA) is, you will probably get quite a few different answers. And the correct answer is……The YCSWA works to facilitate responsible solid waste management for all of York County.

This article will touch on the two biggest myth’s about the Authority: 1. We are a trash hauler; 2. We are “the incinerator”.

Myth 1: We Are a Trash Hauler

It’s true that the YCSWA deals with solid waste in York County, but it is untrue that we coordinate trash collection or haul trash in any way.  We get MANY inquiries each year about trash pick-up. The truth is that the trash haulers are our customers and they bring the trash they’ve collected to the Authority’s York County Resource Recovery Center (YCRRC). Here the trash is combusted and turned into power. Most municipalities contract with various trash haulers to collect the trash in that area. A few municipalities require residents to arrange their own trash hauler and collection services. If a person has a question about their solid waste collection, they need to contact their municipality and/or trash hauler for answers.

We do provide facilities for trash disposal, however. Below is a listing of facilities and programs we offer on the YCRRC campus (visit our website for disposal fee information):

  • Recycle Drop-off Center (cardboard and aluminum)
  • Refuse Bunker
  • Yard Waste Disposal Area
  • Electronics Recycling Drop-off
  • Refrigerant Drop-off

Myth 2: We Are “The Incinerator”

While it is true that we combust or burn trash, which is incineration, the YCRRC is much more than an incinerator. It is a waste-to-energy facility. Let me break down the process for you. As the solid waste is combusted, steam is generated. This steam travels to a turbine that is connected to a metal rod which rotates and creates an electromagnetic force that becomes electricity. The electricity is sold on the grid and provides power to more than 20,000 homes. Not only does this process generate power, it disposes of York County’s trash in an environmentally responsible way. The process of waste-to-energy saves 13 acres of land each year and reduces the use of fossil fuels to produce power. If that isn’t enough, for every ton of trash that is processed at the YCRRC, one ton of greenhouse gases are avoided.

More Information

It is the goal of the YCSWA to serve the community by providing education and resources for responsible waste disposal. If you would like more information about the YCSWA visit our website. You will find unlimited information about how to responsibly dispose of your solid waste. Free tours of the YCRRC are also available. Click here to schedule a tour or call our office at 717-845-1066. We ask that visitors contact us two weeks prior to the date they would like to tour. All tour participants must be at least six years of age.




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