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York County Solid Waste Authority’s Small Load Drop Off Area

Many of us will embark on a thorough cleaning of our home this spring. In fact, 58% of adults will tackle this task which involves throwing away unwanted things, possibly a large quantity and variety of unwanted things. Where can you take all your once loved, now trash items? If you live in York County, you can bring them to the Small Load Drop Off Area at the York County Resource Recovery Center on Blackbridge Road in Manchester Township. The York County Solid Waste Authority prides itself on making trash disposal easy for York County residents and the Small Load Drop Off Area is a key component of easy waste discard. The Small Load Drop Off Area is located in the footprint of the York County Resource Recovery Center and consists of a refuse bunker, an electronics recycling area, a yard waste area and an area for white goods and refrigerants.

Refuse Bunker

For York County residents who are doing a thorough cleaning, our refuse bunker is the answer to your trash disposal needs. This bunker is ideal for those who have more trash than their hauler will take. If you have an abundance of trash, larger items that are not a white good or refrigerant, electronics or construction materials, you can dispose of your items in the refuse bunker.

Electronics Recycling

If you are cleaning and come across a television or computer that you are ready to part with, simply bring it to our Small Load Drop Off Area. The Authority has a FREE Electronics Recycling Program. You read that correctly. There is no charge to dispose of computers, computer peripherals (keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.), computer monitors and televisions. Small appliances are not considered electronics.

Yard Waste

We also have an area to discard yard waste. Accepted items include leaves, shrubbery, tree trimmings that do not exceed 6 feet in length and 24 inches in diameter, tree stumps that do not exceed 24 inches in diameter and root balls that do not exceed 12 inches in diameter and have soil removed from them. Most of these items will be taken by a local excavating company and turned into mulch.

White Goods

Do you have white goods or refrigerants that need to be disposed of? If your hauler will not take them, you can bring them to the Small Load Drop Off Area. There is an area designated for these types of items that need special care before being disposed of.

More Information

Click here for additional information on trash disposal in York County and the services provided by the York County Solid Waste Authority. You can also call our office at 717-845-1066 during the week between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Click here to view a video explaining our Small Load Drop-Off Area!

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