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Tobacco and Nicotine Products


  • Tobacco and nicotine products contain toxic substances that could poison children and pets and should be disposed in a manner that keeps them secure from their access. 
  • Cigarettes and pipe tobacco that have been lit are a fire hazard.  Cigarette butt receptacles for outdoor areas and vehicles restrict oxygen to burning cigarettes to extinguish them quickly.  Water or sand can also be used to fully extinguish lit cigarette butts or pipe tobacco.  
  • E-cigarettes and vaping devices contain rechargeable batteries which can be a fire hazard.  For information on safe battery disposal, click here.  

RECYCLING:  TerraCycle offers a mail in recycling program for cigarette butts.  Click here for more information.

TRASH:  Cigarette butts should be disposed in the regular trash, but only after they are completely extinguished.  E-cigarettes and vaping devices with batteries removed, as well as their liquid cartridges, can be disposed in the regular trash.


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