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Toys that are in good usable condition can be donated.  An internet search such as “donate toys York PA” will show organizations that accept these items for donation.

Hard and soft cover books can be recycled at Continental Paper Grading in York County.  For more information, click here

Plastic toys are not recyclable in York County recycling bins or drop-offs.

Toys with rechargeable batteries are a fire hazard and should have the batteries removed and managed safely before disposal.  For more information about battery management, click here

Small toys can be disposed in the regular trash.

Large toys such as plastic play tables and ride on cars can be disposed at the curb during large item pickup or at the York County Resource Recovery Center (YCRRC).  Your waste hauler may have additional instructions for large item pick up.  Contact them directly for more information.  For information regarding the YCRRC’s hours and rates, click here.



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RESIDENTIAL DISPOSAL SEARCH TOOL: For household items you no longer want or need, use the search tool below to find donation, recycling and disposal options:
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